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If you’re just beginning the journey to study abroad, a mandatory First Steps Session + Q&A will help you to jump-start one of the biggest decisions you make in your college career! Each session consists of a short presentation and ample time for Q & A. Sign-up for a session through SlugsAbroad.

You will learn about the following in a First Steps Session:
  • How to get started
  • What programs are available
  • Types of programs
  • Academics
  • How to apply
  • Deadlines
  • How financial aid works
  • Scholarships
  • How to navigate the Study Abroad website
Slugs Abroad website

Tuesday Afternoon Drop-In

After you learn the foundations to study abroad at a **required** First Steps Session + Q & A, you can then visit our office during drop-in hours. Drop-in hours are as follows:

  • Tuesdays: 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Drop-in hours are reserved for specific questions that are not found on the FAQ page nor addressed in a workshop. Please be sure to check the event calendar for any changes to this schedule. Up to 15 minutes per session.

Topics you might bring to a drop-in visit:

  • Deciding between a couple different programs
  • Identity and diversity abroad
  • Clarification on eligibility criteria for a specific program
  • Activities and schedule on a UCSC Faculty-Led Program
  • Pre-Departure requirements for a UCSC Faculty-led Program

Financial Aid Advising

If you’ve learned the basics to Financial Aid in a First Steps Session, you can then request an estimate on how much financial aid you can expect to receive for a particular program. Remember that all programs have different costs, so decide on your program or a couple that you are interested in, and then request a financial aid estimate. See our Finances and Scholarship page to learn about requesting information from a Financial Aid Advisor.

Academic Advising

Satisfying Major Requirements Abroad

Speak with your major/minor advisor to determine how to have your study abroad courses approved for your department and how to fit study abroad into your academic plan. Your major, not UCSC Study Abroad, has final approval over which, if any, study abroad courses may be used to satisfy major requirements.

Satisfying General Education (GE) Requirements Abroad

It may be possible to use study abroad courses to satisfy GE requirements. For a course to count as a GE, it must be evaluated by the UCSC Office of Admissions unless it has already been pre-approved (UCSC Campus Credit Abroad for UCEAP). The DC requirement MUST be taken at UCSC.

Non-Pre-Approved UCEAP courses for General Education Requirements

Prior to departure, you can request pre-approval by completing a proposed program evaluation through the Office of Admissions. Allow up to 6 weeks for your request to be reviewed – start early! If your academic plan relies on satisfying specific GEs while abroad, it is STRONGLY recommended you request pre-approval rather than assume your courses will count toward your GEs.

After you return from abroad and after your courses have been added to your transcript, you can submit a review of transfer credit online to request your pre-approved GE be applied to your course.


After you’ve selected or applied to a program, you can request an appointment to discuss specific topics that are not found on the FAQ page nor addressed in a workshop. Request an appointment by calling (831) 459-2858 or by emailing Up to 20 minutes per session.

If you email or call to make an appointment, please include the following information so that you are matched with the appropriate advisor:

  1. Your full name
  2. Student ID number
  3. The country and/or name of the UCSC Faculty-Led program, UCEAP program, or UC study abroad program
  4. When you plan to participate in the program
  5. Reasons for appointment

When an appointment is appropriate:

  • Advising by country
  • Application follow-up (after you submit a study abroad application)
  • Confidential issues that vary but may include: GPA, academic qualifications, health issues, & disability accommodations
  • Complex issues (if the front desk of Global Engagement is unable to answer a question because of the complexity)
  • When the Study Abroad Advisor recommends an appointment

Who to Contact After You’ve Been Nominated to Participate on UCEAP

Once you’ve been nominated to participate on UCEAP, you become part of the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) community. The UCEAP Systemwide Office coordinates UCEAP programs for all UC students. They are located in Goleta, CA (not at UCSC). Be prepared as there will likely be a gap in time between being nominated to your UCEAP program and receiving communication from your UCEAP Program Specialist & UCEAP Program Advisor. Please be patient until you receive your "Welcome email." No news is good news!

You will now communicate primarily with the staff at the UCEAP Systemwide Office. Contact information for your UCEAP Advisors can be found on the UCEAP Country Contacts page.

You will receive important emails from both UCEAP and your UCSC Study Abroad Advisors so check your UCSC email daily!

Questions specific to your UCEAP program and your UCEAP Pre-Departure Checklist should be directed to your UCEAP Program Specialist and UCEAP Program Advisor.

For matters related to the UC Santa Cruz campus, including academic planning, financial aid and scholarships, the Health Clearance process, and the Pre-Departure Orientation, the UCSC Study Abroad staff will continue to assist you. Feel free to contact us online or visit us during Tuesday Afternoon Drop-In, or by appointment.