Meet The Study Abroad Staff

  • Alice Hancock

    Alice Michel

    UCSC Faculty-led
    Direct Enroll
    Botswana, Ghana, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania
    Non-UC Study Abroad Programs




    Alice has worked in the field of international education for over ten years. While receiving her B.A. in Anthropology and English from UC Santa Barbara, Alice studied abroad on UCEAP during her junior year at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. After graduating, she participated on the JET Program, teaching English in Japan for two years. She has traveled extensively around Asia, Europe and parts of Africa, totaling over 30 countries. In addition to travel, Alice enjoys hiking, backpacking, attempting to learn French, and any race or activity that involves running.

  • Christopher Hanson

    Chris Hanson
    Assistant Director

    UCSC Faculty-led: Spain & Germany
    UCEAP: Argentina, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland
    Non-UC Study Abroad Programs



    Chris is a California native who earned his B.A. in History, with a concentration in Europe, from UCSC. After  his undergradtuate career at UCSC, he earned his M.A. in International & Multicultural Education from the Univeristy of San Francisco. While attending UCSC, Chris discovered his passion for international education while studying abroad through UCEAP at Lund University, Sweden. He began his career at Global Engagement as a Peer Advisor. Since then, Chris has traveled extensively in North America and Europe. When he is not advising students on study abroad, you can find Chris traveling or spending time outdoors with his dog Maximus.

  • Krissy Loveman

    Krissy Loveman
    Study Abroad Advisor

    UCSC Faculty-led: Hong Kong & Japan
    UCEAP: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the European Multi-City programs
    Non-UC Study Abroad Programs

    Krissy is an Alabama native who first spent an extensive period of time abroad on an academic year exchange program in Japan. Following the completion of a B.A. in International Studies at the University of Alabama, she got her feet wet in the field of International Education in an internship at the University of New Orleans. She then returned to Japan to teach English for two years to elementary and middle school students in the countryside. Heading down to Miami, Krissy next got her M.S. in International & Intercultural Education while working for the Asian Studies Program at Florida International University. Prior to joining UCSC, she served as an Education Abroad Advisor at The University of South Florida. She has traveled in Europe, Asia, and most recently Mexico. 


  • Krista Lum

    Krista Lum
    Study Abroad Peer Advisor
    Netherlands: Univ. College Utrecht Spring 2017 Alumni



    Krista is from Northern California and is working on getting her B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Education. After returning from studying abroad through UCEAP at University College Utrecht, Netherlands, she applied to work as a Peer Advisor to become a resource for other students. While studying abroad she was able to backpack to Central Europe. In her spare time she can be found biking around Santa Cruz, hiking, volunteering, gardening, or making pottery.


  • Celine Neudorf

    Celine Neudorf
    Study Abroad Peer Advisor
    Spain: Language & Culture, Univ. of Córdoba Alumni






    Celine is a Santa Cruz native who is currently majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Literature at UCSC.  She studied language and culture abroad while in Spain with UCEAP at the University of Córdoba.  After studying and traveling abroad in Europe, she returned to California to continue her education in biology and began working at the Division of Global Engagement  Besides Europe, she has also traveled to Morocco, Iceland, China, Canada, and Mexico.  When she is not advising or studying, she enjoys swimming, reading, going to the beach and drinking kombucha.