Slugs Abroad Ambassadors

  • Katy

    Katy Levine
    Slugs Abroad Ambassador

    Katy is a third-year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. She spent the  Spring Quarter 2019 living and learning in Paris and London on a dual city program through UCEAP. Between classes about the cultures of the cities, she was often found herself walking along the Seine River or seeing another musical or play in West End. She visited six different countries during breaks and weekends as well as taking the time to explore new spots around the cities. Katy became a SlugsAbroad Ambassador to share her amazing memories from abroad in hopes of giving the same joy to someone else. When she is not taking out tour groups around campus or going to class, Katy is reading a new book, obsessing over a new musical, or searching for a local bakery that makes authentic baguettes.

  • Shannon Donley

    Shannon Donley
    Slugs Abroad Ambassador

    Shannon is a third-year Film and Digital Media Design student. This past summer, she traveled around Italy, Switzerland, and France for both the UCSC Faculty-led and UC Davis study abroad film programs. During her time in Europe, she attended both the Bologna Ritrovato film festival in Italy and the Locarno film festival in Switzerland. As an ambassador for SlugsAbroad, she wants to help students find a program that caters to their interests and experience what the world has to offer. In her free time, she loves playing soccer and watching ocean documentaries. She is also trying to teach her beta fish how to swim through hoops.

  • Marie DeShetler

    Marie DeShetler
    Slugs Abroad Ambassador

    Marie is a fourth-year undergrad who is majoring in Feminist Studies and Sociology with a concentration in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (GISES). She studied abroad for a semester in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen through UCEAP. Making the most of her first time in Europe, Marie traveled to 13 additional countries while enrolled in a full course load of Sociology classes. Her experience abroad gave her wonderful international friendships, a heightened sense of confidence and a greater perspective on the world. As a SlugsAbroad Ambassador, Marie wants to ensure that all students have the support and resources to apply for a life-changing experience abroad. When she's not in class or at work, you might catch Marie at the climbing gym, playing with dogs on the beach, volunteering around town, or reading at The Abbey.

  • Emma James

    Emma James
    Slugs Abroad Ambassador

    Emma is a fourth-year undergraduate student double majoring in Psychology and Legal Studies. She studied abroad with Semester at Sea's Spring Voyage of 2019, which took her to 10 different countries: Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, and the Netherlands. She toured the globe on a ship from Mexico to Amsterdam while taking a full course load of psychology, sociology, and GE courses. Emma applied to be a SlugsAbroad Ambassador to spread awareness not only of the opportunities for study abroad through UCEAP but more specifically Semester at Sea. She believes global citizenship is the key to education. After her world tour, Emma returned to Santa Cruz for her last year of college where you will find her interning at the Santa Cruz County Public Defender's Office, watching Mamma Mia for the 30th time, relaxing on the beach, and eating Indian food with her friends. (Nothing beats the Indian food in India so maybe you should try it!)

  • Riley Eunhee

    Riley Eunhee
    Slugs Abroad Ambassador

    Riley is a fifth-year Senior Transfer student majoring in Environmental Studies. She spent her Spring Semester in 2019 studying abroad in Bordeaux, France through UCEAP, living with a host family, learning French, and drinking lots of red wine. She also took the opportunity to solo travel all over Europe, staying in hostels and making new friends. This forced her to face her shyness and get more comfortable with socializing on her own. Now semi-proficient in French, she hopes to utilize that skill by joining the Peace Corps as a Community Health Educator in Cameroon, where she will work to reduce rates of malnutrition and HIV.

  • Alexander Palines

    Alexander Palines
    Slugs Abroad Ambassador

    Alexander is a fourth-year student pursuing degrees in Sociology and Politics. He studied abroad in Spring Semester of 2019 starting in Paris and ending in London through UCEAP. While abroad, Alexander had the opportunity to participate in three different internships in London where he acted as an ESOL teacher for migrants and refugees in London, organized free breakfasts and donations for the local homeless population, and wrote applications to trusts in the UK to allocate funding for an organization dedicated to housing the homeless. Although it sounds like he had a busy schedule, he still had plenty of time to conquer his fear of heights by climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, picnic at St. James' Park, and even take a long weekend in Amsterdam. Alexander's views of life and culture have expanded far beyond he could have imagined, and the connections he has made have been far-reaching and priceless.

  • Daniel Aboulache

    Daniel Aboulache
    Slugs Abroad Ambassador

    Daniel is a fourth-year student studying Global Economics. He spent a semester abroad in Barcelona, where he used his passion for music to connect with locals and guide him onto many outlandish adventures. He has performed music on stages and in back alleys throughout Spain, he has voyaged through forests to take rejuvenating dips into icy waters, and he has made deep friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. He has gone far outside of anything he knew and returned with a newfound appreciation for life--he has lived. Daniel now wants to share these experiences with others as well as discuss ways to make the most out of living, abroad or otherwise.

  • Casey Anderson

    Casey Anderson
    Slugs Abroad Ambassador

    Casey is a fifth-year Art and Politics major. She participated in the UCEAP European Transformations: Madrid and Rome program. During her time in Italy, Casey attended the Venice Biennale, the Prado in Madrid, the Borghese Gallery in Rome, and numerous additional renowned art exhibitions. As a Slugs Abroad Ambassador and EOP member, Casey wants to encourage typically underrepresented students to apply to study abroad. In her free time, she likes to cook, watch old horror movies, and look at pictures of borzois on the internet.
  • Alexander Bailess

    Alexander Bailess
    SlugsAbroad Ambassador

    Alexander is a fourth-year undergraduate in the Biology and Earth and Marine Sciences departments. He spent his summer of 2019 in Australia with Wildlands Studies where he learned how to conduct ecological surveys through transects and biodiversity plots. This included protection plot analysis to help expand National Parks and Marine Protection areas and promote conservation of rapidly evolving ecosystems such as the Great Barrier Reef. He spent much of his time being culturally immersed within the Aussie community as he was living within a welcoming aboriginal community of men, women, and children. Alexander developed incredible friendships on this program with his peers who backpacked alongside him through the Outback, Daintree (the oldest rainforest on the planet), and massive lava tubes. When they were not inventing research projects to further develop their knowledge of the ecosystems around them; you could find Alexander and his friends SCUBA diving on the Great Barrier Reef, hiking to the top of beautiful vistas, and cooking dinner around the campfire with some kangaroos. In Alexander's free time, you can catch him at practice in the pool, out surfing at the Lane, or encouraging his peers to complete their Slugs Abroad profile.