Returning Home

Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome Back!

Congratulations on going abroad, you have made us all proud!

We understand that returning home can be an emotional experience. While you may be excited to see friends and family and eat all the foods you missed, you may also be sad to leave the people and places you grew accustomed to while abroad. Mixed emotions are a normal part of re-entry, and we are here to help you with your transition back into life at UC Santa Cruz and the U.S.

Below you will find our re-entry handbook for returning students. It is designed to help you understand the process of re-entry and prepare you to utilize the valuable knowledge and skills you gained abroad to achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals.

The handbook focuses on three primary areas:

  • The process of returning home
  • Marketing your international experience to employers
  • Going abroad again

We encourage you to complete all of the exercises outlined in the handbook so that you can reflect on your learning, articulate the impact of your experience abroad, and integrate lessons learned into your daily life.

Again, welcome back to UC Santa Cruz! We look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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