UCSC Domestic Exchanges 2020-21


Winter + Spring 2021

Winter + Spring Applications open April 1, 2020 at noon.
See How to Apply to Domestic Exchanges.

All Domestic Exchanges are limited capacity (impacted). We encourage you to submit your application closer to the start of the SlugsAbroad application cycle to help secure your participation as these programs have limited space. We accept applications first come first served for qualified applicants with complete applications.

Programs that are "closed" have either reached capacity, or the application deadline has passed.

State Program Term Deadline*
New Hampshire University of New
Winter + Spring 8/1/2020 Open
New Mexico University of New Mexico Winter + Spring 8/1/2020 Open

* all deadlines are 11:45pm Pacific Time

Fall, Academic Year 2021-22

Fall and Academic Year Applications open November 2020.
See How to Apply to Domestic Exchanges.

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