Faculty-Led Study Abroad Proposal

Submit a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Proposal

Extended Deadline for Summer 2019:  January 30, 2018  at 11:45PM

Global Engagement provides administrative and logistical support for UCSC faculty-led summer abroad programs.  These programs are intended to foster relationships with institutions overseas and expand study abroad opportunities for UCSC students in a broad range of academic disciplines.

All program proposals are reviewed by the Senate Committee on International Education (CIE) & UCSC Study Abroad. 

If you are considering a faculty led study abroad proposal, review the Faculty Manual for Proposing Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs for detailed information on the review process, criteria and timelines.


How to Submit a Proposal

Complete and submit an online proposal form in SlugsAbroad by the deadline.  Select the "Faculty Login" link to login and create your profile, then find "Faculty Led Program Proposal" from the list of programs and apply for "Summer 2019."  Refer to this quick guide for assistance. 


Two Tier Proposal Review Process

Faculty-led program proposals will be reviewed by the Faculty Senate Committee on International Education (CIE) and UCSC Study Abroad. For detailed information about the review criteria, please review the Faculty Manual for Proposing Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs. Before submitting a proposal, faculty will be asked to confirm the following:

  • Risk: Program location(s) is not listed on the Department of State Travel Warning List
  • Duplication: Program is not a duplication of an existing UCSC or UCEAP program
  • New Course: If the program is a new course, the course proposal has been submitted to the Senate Committee on  Courses for Instruction (CCI)
  • Department Chair Support: You have discussed your proposal with and have the support of your Department Chair.

Proposal review will occur in two tiers:

TIER 1: CIE Review

CIE will review proposals to either "recommend" or "not recommend."  Programs that are recommended by CIE will be forwarded to UCSC Study Abroad to review.  

TIER 2: Study Abroad Review

Study Abroad will conduct a final review of all proposals "recommended" by CIE to determine which proposals they approve and support for development.  Programs recommended by both CIE and Study Abroad will then move to the Program Development phase of the process, a collaborative process between the faculty member and Study Abroad. Faculty will be notified of their proposal status by the end of March.

Review Process Flowchart

 Faculty Led Proposal Review Process

Proposal Workshops

Faculty are encouraged to attend an upcoming Faculty-Led Proposal Workshop, co-facilitated by Study Abroad and CIE.  All workshops are held in the Classroom Unit Building, Room 201.

Wednesday, November 29, 12:00 - 1:00PM

Tuesday, December 5, 10:00 - 11:00AM

Tuesday, December 12, 1:00 - 2:00PM


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many credits should the course be?  
A: Study Abroad courses can be any number of credits, similar to campus based courses.  Faculty should consider the appropriate credit for the length and content of the program, and seek guidance from the Committee on Courses for Instruction (CCI) if questions arise with regard to course requirements.  Something to consider is that students must enroll in 6 or more credits to be considered for federal and state aid and students must enroll in 10 or more credits to be considered for the Summer University Grant.

Q: What dates can the course be offered during the summer? 
A: Faculty-led study abroad programs do not need to align with Summer Session dates. They may be offered at any time during the summer sessions calendar.  However, should they align, it can allow students flexibility in enrolling in other summer courses to meet the financial aid minimum or satisfy other academic requirements.
Q: How many students will need to be enrolled for the course to run?
A: Summer Session requires a minimum of 8 students enrolled for an upper division course and 12 students enrolled for a lower division for a course to run. However, depending on the costs associated with the program, the minimum enrollment may vary.

Q: Can I propose a new course?
Yes.  Please see the Committee on Courses of Instruction (CCI) website for more information and guidance. New course proposals should be submitted to CCI by the time of faculty-led proposal submission.

Q: Can I offer a course that my department already offers during the academic year as a study abroad course?
Yes.  If the course is not substantially changed in content or contact hours, but offered in a location abroad for enrichment of the content, then additional course approvals should not be necessary.  However, when in doubt, you should confirm with the Committee on Courses of Instruction (CCI). If you plan to change the course substantially in either content or length, you should seek guidance from the CCI on whether a course revision or a new course approval should be submitted. 

Q: What are some considerations for determination of the eligibility of a proposal?
 CIE will review proposals for target demographic, academic quality, and feasibility.  Study Abroad will review proposals for affordability, marketing and enrollment management, sustainability, as well as health and safety.  A full list of criteria can be found in the Faculty Manual for Proposing Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs.  

Q: Will teaching a study abroad course over the summer affect my teaching load during the academic year?
No. Summer session courses are considered overload, and are in addition to your regular teaching schedule.