Resources for Staff

Welcome to campus staff resources and thank you for your interest, support and promotion of study abroad to our University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) students.  These resources are intended to help you support students as they consider how an international experiences can meet their academic, personal and professional goals as well as prepare for a successful study abroad experience.  The UCSC Study Abroad team shares with you the goal to see students seamlessly incorporate study abroad into their UCSC academic career.  We hope these resources will assist your advising.  


The Academic Planning for UCEAP handout provides critical academic information to students.  As an advisor, it will answer many of frequently asked questions regarding academic policies that impact UCEAP participation. If you have any questions about academic policies related to UCEAP or other study abroad options, please contact us at  
UCEAP Academic Integration Grants of up to $5000 are offered every year by UCEAP to promote and integrate UCEAP programs into department curriculum.  Successful grant proposals have included the creation of pre-approved course lists, sample four year academic plans that include study abroad participation, workshops, and other projects that identify and improve pathways for students to study abroad.   The call for grant proposals is forwarded to campus departments in the fall and deadlines are generally end of November.  To discuss grant proposals, please contact Study Abroad Director Alice Michel:


The Study Abroad Training For Campus Advisors Presentation provides an overview of study abroad options at UCSC, including facts and figures that you may find helpful in working with students. If you, your staff advising team, or student workers would benefit from an in-person training session, please submit an event request and we will be happy to schedule a time to meet.

Campus Outreach

Student Outreach Liaisons are a group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable study abroad returnees who are ready to assist departments, colleges, and resource centers in the promotion of study abroad.  They currently hold study abroad info sessions and general advising drop-in hours at various locations around campus.  If you would like to schedule an informational session for your students or request that they hold regular general drop-in peer advising in your office, please submit an event request. Study Abroad Staff are always eager to meet with your students!  We can provide general informational sessions, study abroad in your major workshops, or other customized presentations. Pease submit an event request to schedule a presentation or request a speaker at your event.