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How Financial Aid Works Abroad

If you receive Financial Aid, your financial aid package goes with you abroad and is redesigned to meet program costs. Regardless of where you go in the world, on a UC Study Abroad program you could receive the same percentage of financial aid that you receive for attending UC Santa Cruz.

Request an Estimate

The UCSC Financial Aid and Scholarship Office allows students to request a financial aid estimate for a program financial aid package at any time, including before you apply to the program. Financial Aid Advisors will review the program's estimated total cost of participation (not including personal costs for independent travel, entertainment, and shopping) and adjust your financial aid package. 

Before you meet with an advisor, decide on the program(s) you are interested in and request a financial aid estimate. We recommend that you ask for two program estimates, to compare and contrast your options.

Estimate Requests

Complete the Estimate Request Form with the following information:

  • Country Name - Example: Sweden
  • Program Specific Name - Example: Lund University
  • Total Program Budget - This can be retrieved from the program website
  • Term and Academic Year - Example: Fall 2021
  • Number of Units of the Study Abroad Program (Summer Programs Only) 

Drop off the Estimate Request form at the UCSC Financial Aid and Scholarship Office front counter or document drop-box, or email it to Allow up to four weeks for the estimate request to be processed.

General Questions

For general questions about financial aid for study abroad:


Financial Aid Packaging Timeline

UCSC Faculty-Led

Student financial aid packages are available on your student portal as per the normal Summer Session schedule.

Students must participate in at least 6 units over the summer in order to be eligible for financial aid. If students take 10 units, they will be eligible for summer grants. The 10 units can be through a combination of courses through Summer Session and Faculty-Led Programs.

UCSC Global and Domestic Exchanges

Financial aid packages appear on your student portal. Students participating in a UCSC Exchange Program may find they receive their financial aid disbursement earlier, around the same time as, or later than their program start date abroad. If the program start date abroad is earlier than the start of the UC Santa Cruz quarter in which the program occurs, students will need to be prepared to cover any estimated out-of-pocket expenses until they receive their disbursement. The UC Santa Cruz financial aid disbursement and bill pay schedule can be found at


Student financial aid packages will be available on your student portal 30-45 days prior to the start of your program. If you have any questions regarding UCEAP aid/refund disbursements, contact your UCEAP Finance Accountant for your program.

UCEAP requires an initial payment of $950, however, students on financial aid receive an automatic deferment for your first UCEAP payment of $950. This means that the first payment is pushed back to the second payment deadline, which occurs after Financial Aid funds have been disbursed directly to UCEAP on your behalf. This way, financial aid students only need to pay UCEAP the difference if financial aid does not cover the entire amount. If your financial aid package exceeds your Fees Paid to UCEAP, then the remaining funds go directly to you.