Tools to Afford Study Abroad

Andrew Brooks - Argentina

Whether or not you expect to receive financial aid and scholarships, you can take advantage of many other opportunities to cover your anticipated study abroad costs. The information below provides tips and recommendations on how to save up for study abroad, be a wiser spender while abroad, and use special offers to pay for your experience.


Fundraising can be a very effective way to save up for study abroad. [read more]

One way to raise funds is through crowdfunding, where you raise small amounts of money from a large number of people via the internet. Donors could be both people you know and strangers who are persuaded by your campaign. Nowadays, there are many platforms you can use. Do some research to find the one that suits you best. For example, Fund My Travel is entirely travel-focused!

How To Crowdfund

See our How to Crowdfund for Study Abroad Guide.

Other successful ideas for study abroad fundraising:

Host Institution Scholarships

Your host institution may have scholarships for international students. [read more]

If your program takes place at a university, inquire with your host institution's international office or the academic department you'll be studying at to find out if there are any opportunities for funding.


Working Abroad

In some cases, you may be able to work part-time while abroad. [read more]

Some countries, depending on visa restrictions, allow international students to earn money in a part-time job. See UCEAP's Work Abroad resource.

Keep in mind that you should give yourself enough time to complete your coursework and enjoy your study abroad experience. Many students use free time while studying abroad for independent travel, entertainment, and spending time with new friends.

Most Affordable Programs

Depending on the program type, location, and other nuanced factors, some programs are more affordable than others. [read more]

See our list of Most Affordable Programs.

Special Offers from STA Travel

UC Students can take advantage of special offers from STA Travel to book airfare. [read more]

Blue Ticket

STA Travel offers "blue tickets", discounted airfare just for students. When you search for a flight, indicate that you are a student. The travel agents are really helpful for finding the cheapest and/or quickest flight to your destination, including looking up alternative routes. They can help you secure flight seat requests such as aisle or window, and it is super easy to book over the phone. To be eligible for a student ticket, you must either be a full time student or under the age of 31. If you are eligible, you may have to buy (or already have in possession) an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which costs $20, and bring it to your flight. Visit the STA Travel UCSC page to get started!


Book Now Pay Later

As a UC student, you have access to STA Travel's Book Now Pay Later program. Book your airfare with a small deposit ($300 or less) and then pay the remaining balance 1 week prior to departure. If you rely on Financial Aid or other funding sources, this allows you to delay the full payment of your airfare until you receive your funding first. For this feature, you will have to call the toll free number on the website and a travel agent will help you find the right flight.

Other Special Offers

STA Travel offers various limited-time voucher promotions, where any student can enter a contest to win a voucher towards the cost of their flight. Read about UCSC student Andrew Garcia's experience winning a Thankful for Travel promotion!

Live Abroad for Less

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