Application Questions

Navdeep Kaur, Ghana


Q: How are applications processed? [show]

A: All applications are processed first-come, first-serve. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will be selected for the program.

Q: When is my application due? [show]

A: Applications can be submitted anytime during the program’s application cycle. Applications are processed on a rolling basis. To determine the application open and close dates for a program, visit Application Deadlines.

Q: How and where do I submit my application? [show]

A: All applications must be submitted online on SlugsAbroad.

Q: What materials do I need to submit with my application? [show]

A: Each program website includes a checklist detailing what materials you need to submit.

Q: When should I start planning for study abroad and start an application? [show]

A: Begin planning for study abroad as early as possible. Many programs have specific language and/or other academic prerequisites. Students should also consider how study abroad will fit into their UCSC academic plan and determine which of their elective and major/minor requirements they may be able to complete abroad. Finding a program that fits your needs and completing the application takes time. Application deadlines vary widely and priority is given to early applications, so start planning now. Visit academic planning to help you get started.

Q: Do I need to have a passport at the time of application? [show]

A: It depends. Each program’s application checklist will include information about when a passport is needed, so make sure your new passport arrives by that date. Visit the Department of State for more info on how to apply for a passport.