UCSC Exchange Questions

Copenhagen, Denmark


Q: When and how do I receive financial aid disbursements? [show]

A: Financial Aid disbursements for UCSC Exchange Programs follow the UC Santa Cruz financial aid disbursement schedule. Please review the academic and administrative calendar for the Financial Aid Disbursed to Students Accounts dates.

Q: When am I charged the UCSC Application Fee for UCSC Exchanges? [show]

A: The non-refundable UCSC Application Fee for UCSC Exchanges will come in two installments of $100 each ($200 total). Within four to eight weeks of submitting your UCEAP Application to SlugsAbroad, you will be charged the first $100. The final $100 will be charged two months after that. If the fees are unpaid after 60 days, a $12.50/month late fee will be assessed and there will be a hold on your future UCSC enrollments.

Q: How do I find course descriptions of classes I might take abroad on UCSC Exchange? [show]

A: Students can research course offerings at the UCSC Exchange partner institution on the UCSC Study Abroad program webpages. There will be links to the host institution websites where you can research and access additional course offerings, including online catalogs, course listings and syllabi. Some coursework is already pre-approved by UCSC departments.