Chang Lee, Chile

General Questions

Q: Do I need to know a foreign language in order to study abroad? [show]

A: It depends on the program. Many program options do not require prior language study and allow students to take courses at English-speaking universities in locations where English is not the local language. There are also many programs that have minimal language prerequisites, allowing you to improve your language skills while abroad.


Q: What are the eligibility requirements? [show]

A: For UCEAP, the eligibility requirements can vary for each program, but at a minimum include a GPA and class level requirement. To view the eligibility requirements for a specific UCEAP program or search for programs based on certain eligibility criteria, visit the UCEAP website. For UCSC Faculty-Led Programs, eligibility criteria will depend on the program and can be found on each program’s webpage on SlugsAbroad.

Q: Is there a minimum GPA requirement? [show]

A: All programs have a minimum cumulative GPA requirement and some may also have a language GPA requirement. Students must meet the GPA requirement at the time of application and maintain that GPA every quarter prior to departure.

Q: How do I find my language GPA? [show]

A: To find your language GPA, you can use the UCSC GPA Calculator. To calculate your language GPA, refer to your UCSC transcript in order to indicate your total completed units and all individual language course grades.

Q: Can I participate on more than one program? [show]

A: Yes, students can study abroad more than once as long as program dates do not conflict. Students should also speak with their campus academic and Financial Aid Advisors to confirm there are no financial or academic restrictions to participating in more than one program.

Q: Can I go for a full year, quarter, semester, or summer? [show]

A: As a UCSC student, you can pursue your academic studies abroad for a summer, quarter, semester or year with UCEAP. You can also study for the summer on a UCSC Faculty-Led Program. To make the most of this rewarding opportunity and ensure you stay on track for graduation, you should plan carefully.

Q: Can I go as a First Year, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior? [show]

A: All UCEAP programs have a class level requirement that must be met by the time of departure. There are programs for students with sophomore, junior and senior class standing, but no programs for First Year students. For UCSC Faculty-Led Programs, class standing requirements may apply and will be listed on each program’s webpage on SlugsAbroad.

Q: Can I apply for more than one program at a time? [show]

A: No, you can only apply to one program during a given time period (i.e. fall term or spring term program). Students may apply for back to back programs as long as the dates do not overlap and there are no visa restrictions. If you are interested in applying to back to back programs, please consult the UCSC Study Abroad Advisor for your second program before you apply.

Q: I’m a transfer student. Can I still go abroad? [show]

A: Absolutely! We send many transfer students abroad every year. As a transfer student, you may have a tighter schedule and more to consider when planning to study abroad, so we encourage you plan early and carefully to ensure study abroad can fit into your academic plan.

Q: Is there any flexibility with the GPA requirements? [show]

A: For UCEAP, GPA requirements are set by an agreement with the host institution and are not flexible. If you do not meet the GPA requirement(s) at the time of application, please meet with your UCSC Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your options, including alternative programs and terms. If there is a GPA requirement for a UCSC Faculty-Led Program that you’re interested in, please speak with your UCSC Study Abroad Advisor about flexibility.

Q: What is a visa and will I need one? [show]

A: A visa is an authorization for you to enter a country of which you are not a citizen. All students will need a visa or another type of entry authorization to study on their program. Instructions will be provided on your Pre-Departure Checklist.

Q: Can I talk to a peer who studied abroad? [show]

A: Yes! Check our connect with a returnee list. If there is no one listed for you to speak with for the program you are interested in, contact UCSC Study Abroad to request the contact information for a fellow UCSC student who has recently returned from or is currently abroad on your UCEAP program.