Returnee Questions

Makenna Breitenfeld, Ireland


Q: My study abroad program is over, now what? [show]

A: Now that you have returned to UCSC from abroad, we encourage you to stay involved, connect with the international community at UCSC, share your study abroad story, and even consider joining our team as a Peer Advisor. As a returnee, it is important that you “pay it forward” by sharing your stories and advice with your fellow students who are preparing to study abroad on your UCEAP program at a Pre-Departure Orientation. Check out our events calendar on SlugsAbroad for more information.

Q: How can I stay up to date on events and other study abroad information? [show]

A: Follow our UCSC Study Abroad Facebook page to stay up to date on events, workshops, study abroad advice and reminders. Also, visit SlugsAbroad to view events for all of our upcoming Study Abroad activities.

Q: How can I stay connected to the international community at UCSC? [show]

A: UCSC hosts hundreds of international students every year and there are many ways to connect with this community. If you are returning to campus after your study abroad program, consider attending one of our many events each quarter or by joining the International Mentorship Program.

Q: Now that my UCEAP program is over, when will my grades come back? [show]

A: If you participated on UCEAP, in your SlugsAbroad Pre-Departure Checklist it is stated under the academic planning tab in the UCEAP courses and grades section that grades can take up to four months after the official end date of your UCEAP program to be posted to your UCSC transcript.