UCEAP Questions

Hallie Cohen, Ghana


Q: When will I know if I’ve been nominated to study abroad on a UCEAP program? [show]

A: For UCEAP, applications will be processed on a rolling, first-come-first-serve basis. You should receive communication by email within three business weeks of submission.

Q: When am I charged the UCSC UCEAP Application Fee? [show]

A: The non-refundable UCSC Application Fee for UCEAP is charged every time a student submits an application on SlugsAbroad. The fee will come in two installments of $100 each ($200 total). Within 4-8 weeks of submitting your UCEAP Application to SlugsAbroad, you will be charged the first $100. The final $100 will be charged two months after that. If the fees are unpaid after 60 days, a $12.50/month late fee will be assessed and there will be a hold on your future UCSC enrollments.

Q: What happens with my financial aid if I extend my participation abroad on UCEAP? [show]

A: UCSC Study Abroad will notify the UCSC Financial Aid Office of your program extension and your financial aid package will be revised.

Q: Is it competitive to get into my program? [show]

A: Most UCEAP applicants who meet the minimum requirements are accepted. However, there are some programs that have limited capacity. To see if your program is impacted, review our limited capacity program list. UCSC Study Abroad accepts applications on a first come first served basis, so if your program is limited capacity, we encourage you to submit your application early in the filing period to secure your spot. If a program has reached capacity, we will re-redirect unsuccessful applicants to other suitable programs.

Q: Can I extend my participation once abroad? [show]

A: Maybe. Some programs will allow you to extend your participation while others will not. If your program allows extensions, you will have the option to complete a Departmental Preliminary Approval to Extend Form with your application and you will be informed about extension deadlines at your on-site orientation.

Q: How do I make payments to UCEAP? [show]

A: You will make payments in your MyEAP account. Please refer to the Finances section of your UCEAP Predeparture checklist for payment amounts and deadlines. If you receive financial aid, your UCEAP fees will be deducted from your financial aid and you will be responsible for any remaining balances. If you receive more financial aid than your UCEAP fees, then you should expect to receive a financial aid disbursement. Your registration fees will not appear on your UCSC statement. For more information about how financial aid works with UCEAP and how to make UCEAP payments, see Affording Study Abroad.

Q: Who is my finance contact at UCEAP? [show]

A: See the "UCEAP Contacts "section of your UCEAP Predeparture checklist in MyEAP to find your UCEAP Finance Accountant.

Q: How do I find course descriptions of classes I might take abroad for UCEAP? [show]

A: UCEAP has a course catalog of course descriptions taken by UC students over the past five years. It is not an exhaustive list of possibilities but will give you an idea of what students have taken in the past. You should also look on the “Courses & Credit” tab for your UCEAP Program for additional links to study centers and host universities for more course information.

Q: Should I bring back my UCEAP course materials and syllabi? [show]

A: You are encouraged to save all of your course materials and syllabi from abroad. It may be helpful to have these documents if you petition to have your UCEAP coursework satisfy major, minor or GE credit upon your return.

Q: Do I need to ask my host university on UCEAP to send UCSC my transcripts? [show]

A: No. As a UCEAP participant, you will not be issued a transcript from your host university. UCEAP will transmit your courses, grades, and units from abroad to UCSC and they will be added to your UCSC transcript. For information, see Academic Planning.

Q: Can I use my UCEAP courses to satisfy my major and/or minor requirements? [show]

A: It may be possible to use UCEAP courses to satisfy major and/or minor requirements. We recommend you speak with your major/minor advisor now to determine how to have your UCEAP courses approved for your department and how to fit study abroad into your academic plan.

Q: How many units do I need to take when participating on a UCEAP program? [show]

A: You must take the equivalent of a full course load while abroad on UCEAP even if you are a graduating senior. The minimum number of units range from 14 to 16 UC quarter units per quarter program and 21-25 UC quarter units per semester program, not including summer. Refer to the UCEAP website to determine your program’s minimum unit requirement.

Q: Is it possible to repeat a course that I take on a UCEAP program? [show]

A: It is not possible to replace a grade earned abroad while on UCEAP by taking a similar class upon your return to UCSC. Similarly, it is not possible to get credit for a course on UCEAP that you have already taken at UCSC. Grades earned on UCEAP are final.

Q: Can I take all of my courses on UCEAP pass/no pass? [show]

A: No more than 1/3 of your UCEAP total unit load may be taken pass/no pass. Be careful - any pass/no pass courses taken on UCEAP will be calculated into your 25% pass/no pass limit at UCSC.

Q: Are UCEAP programs competitive? [show]

A: Some programs are limited capacity, which means that there is limited spacing and that the program may fill up. We recommend that you apply as soon as possible because applications are processed first-come, first-serve. All other programs on UCEAP are open capacity, so you only need to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and submit a complete and correct application by the deadline.

Q: If I make a mistake on an application and must re-submit for a Limited Capacity program, will my application be considered by the original time of submission? [show]

A: No, your application will be reviewed based on your latest re-submission timestamp.

Q: Can I apply to another program if my first application to a Limited Capacity program fills up? [show]

A: Yes! Please reach out to your UCSC Study Abroad Advisor for more information.

Q: I need to withdraw from my UCEAP Program, how do I do this? [show]

A: If you decide to withdraw from your UCEAP program prior to departure, you must notify your UCSC Study Abroad Advisor via email at studyabroad@ucsc.edu. Clearly indicate both your name, ID number, decision to withdraw and the specific reason for your withdrawal. The deadline to withdraw from your program without financial penalty is noted in the "Statement of Understanding" on the student signature page of your MyEAP online application. If you withdraw after this date or are administratively withdrawn you will be charged a $500 late withdrawal penalty and may be liable for additional expenses paid to the host institution on your behalf by UCEAP.

Q: When do I need to buy my flight tickets? How do I apply for a visa? How do I apply for housing abroad? [show]

A: These will all be answered in the Predeparture Requirements section of your MyEAP application, which will be sent to you after you are nominated into the program. Included will be “how-to” steps for visas, health clearances, housing and flights.