UCSC Faculty-Led Questions

Emma Hamilton, Brazil

UCSC Faculty-Led

Q: Is there any flexibility with the GPA requirements? [show]

A: Please speak with your UCSC Study Abroad Advisor about GPA flexibility.

Q: Is it competitive to get into a program? [show]

A: The competitiveness of UCSC Faculty-led Programs varies. All programs are limited in capacity, so students are highly encouraged to apply early. UCSC Study Abroad accepts applications on a first come first served basis. Once capacity is met, the program will no longer accept applications, and pending applicants will be redirected to other suitable programs.

Q: When will I know if I’ve been accepted to study abroad on a program? [show]

A: For UCSC Faculty-led programs, applications will be processed on a rolling, first-come-first-serve basis. You should receive communication by email within three business weeks of submission.

Q: Can I extend my participation once abroad? [show]

A: No, UCSC Faculty-Led Programs cannot be extended. However, students are welcome to take advantage of the opportunity for personal travel before or after programs.

Q: How do I find course descriptions of classes I might take abroad? [show]

A: All course descriptions and syllabi for UCSC Faculty-led Programs can be found on each program’s webpage on SlugsAbroad.

Q: How many units do I take while abroad? [show]

A: Unit requirements on UCSC Faculty-led Programs can be found on each program’s webpage on SlugsAbroad.

Q: Will my courses, units, and grades from study abroad transfer back to UCSC? [show]

A: For UCSC Faculty-led Programs, all courses will appear on your transcript like normal on-campus courses (unless otherwise noted on the SlugsAbroad program page).

Q: How do I make payments for my program? [show]

A: The program costs and fees will be posted to your UCSC account. Please refer to your program’s Budget Worksheet for payment deadlines on SlugsAbroad.

Q: What if I decide to withdraw from a UCSC Faculty-Led Program? [show]

A: In the event that you need to withdraw prior to your program start date due to personal, academic, or financial reasons, you must notify your UCSC Study Abroad Advisor via email at studyabroad@ucsc.edu. For UCSC Faculty-led Programs, see Financial Terms and Conditions on SlugsAbroad.

Q: When and how do I receive financial aid disbursements for a Faculty-Led Program? [show]

A: Financial Aid disbursements for summer UCSC Faculty-Led Programs generally occur ten days prior to the official start of Summer Session 1.