Who Am I Abroad (WHOA) is a student series of videos and articles exploring the shifts in perception of the self while abroad or away. The purpose of these stories is to highlight the international and domestic experiences of students and staff in relation to their salient identities.

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    Christina Yu

  • Christina Yu

    Christina Yu, a Cognitive Science major, discusses her experiences as an Asian-American while studying abroad in Rome, Italy.

  • Elisabet Garcia

  • Elisabet Garcia

    Elisabet Garcia, an Anthropology major, discusses studying abroad as a first-generation college student from a low-income background and as a queer Latina.

  • Chelsey Boykin

  • Chelsey BoykinChelsey Boykin, a Psychology major, shares her experience understanding culture in new ways while studying abroad as a first-generation, ABC (African-American/Black/Caribbean) student in Barbados.

  • Alexander Palines

  • Alexander PalinesAlexander, a double major in sociology and politics, discusses studying abroad in Paris and London as a first-generation Filipino-American.

  • Lucia Ortiz

  • Lucia OrtizLucia Ortiz, a Sociology and Latin American and Latino Studies double major, shares her experience pushing aside doubt and fear in order to realize her dreams of studying abroad as a first-generation, low-income, LatinX student.

  • Ashley Bayman

  • Ashley Bayman

    Ashley Bayman, a study abroad advisor, discusses studying abroad as a low-income, first-generation, transfer student of color in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

  • Sakoya Hart

  • Sakoya Hart

    Sakoya Hart, a Film & Digital Media Studies and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology double major, discusses studying abroad as an EOP student in Costa Rica.

  • Marie DeShelter

  • Marie DeShelter

    Marie DeShelter, a Sociology and Feminist Studies Major, discusses studying abroad in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen.

  • Ayodele Abdul-Hadi

  • Ayodele Abdul-HadiAyodele Abdul-Hadi, an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in global environmental justice, discusses her experiences as an African American Muslim woman studying abroad in Córdoba Spain.

  • Camille Cheng

  • Camille ChengCamille Cheng, a Feminist Studies and Legal Studies double major, discusses her experiences as a Chinese-American student studying abroad for three consecutive summers in Paris, Hong Kong, and London.

  • Megan Spitzer

  • Megan SpitzerMegan Spitzer, a fourth-year majoring in Politics, discusses her experience studying abroad as a female, mixed race, queer American at the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane, Australia

  • Tolulope Familoni

  • Tolulope FamiloniTolulope Familoni, a Robotics Engineering major, discusses studying abroad as an ABC STEM student in Paris, France.

  • Katy Levine

  • Katy LevineKaty, an Intensive Psychology Major, discusses studying abroad in a multi-city experience called “London and Paris, Global Cities Urban Realities.”