Non-UC Study Abroad

Non-UC study abroad programs are any study abroad program not managed or hosted by the University of California.  Non-UC study abroad programs can be a good option for students who are not able to find a UC program that meets their academic, personal and/or professional goals.  

Review the Independent Study Abroad Student Guide to assist your planning.

How & When to Apply

1. Attend an in-person First Steps Session to learn about the study abroad process

2. Select and Apply to a Program:

Review the affiliate programs below to find a program that meets your academic, personal and professional goals. In addition to completing the campus application below, you will apply directly to the prgoram by their deadline. Deadlines, application process, and eligibility requirements vary by program.

3. Complete a UCSC Leave of Absence (except summer):

Submit an online UCSC Leave of Absence (LOA) for the quarter(s) you will be away from UCSC on your non-UC study abroad program.  The Leave of Absence must be completed by the campus deadline, but should be submitted early the quarter prior to your departure in order to be eligible for financial aid (see next steps).

**Students studying abroad during the summer term do NOT need to complete a LOA; they only need complete only the Non-UC Study Abroad Waiver (see next steps).

4.  Complete a UCSC Study Abroad application:

Visit SlugsAbroad to complete your Study Abroad Profile, Non-UC Study Abroad Program Application and Non-UC Study Abroad Waiver. UCSC Study Abroad MUST receive your online application 90 days prior to the start of the quarter that you will be away from campus in order for you to be approved to participate on your non-UC study abroad program AND to be eligible to receive Financial Aid.

5. Complete a Proposed Program Evaluation:

To determine if coursework taken abroad is eligible for transfer credit, request pre-approval by submitting a Proposed Program Evaluation online to the Office of Admissions.  Approval is at the discretion of the Office of Admissions.  Start early – this process can take up to 4-6 weeks.

**If you intend to apply your financial aid to your non-UC study abroad program, the courses you enroll in abroad MUST be approved for transfer credit at UCSC by the Office of Admissions.  Aid will NOT be released to you while abroad if your final course enrollment does not comply with your approved coursework.

6. Determine major/minor coursework:

Only if the Office of Admission approves your coursework for transfer credit on the Proposed Program Evaluation, meet with your major/minor advisors to discuss if any of the approved courses you take while you are abroad may satisfy major/minor requirements.  Approval is at the discretion of your major/minor departments.

 7. If you are selected for participation by your Non-UC Study Abroad Program, you will need to meet their deadlines, complete their pre-departure requirements, and follow their participation instructions. Let UCSC Study Abroad know once you’ve been accepted AND if you decide to withdraw/are not accepted.