Non-UC Study Abroad

Non-UC study abroad programs (NUCSA) are any study abroad programs not managed or hosted by the University of California. NUCSA programs can be a good option for students who are not able to find a UC program that meets their academic, personal, or professional goals.  

Financial Aid is not currently available to students who participate on NUCSA programs. However, there are many scholarship opportunities available directly through NUCSA programs. Students are encouraged to meet with their UCSC Study Abroad Advisor or NUCSA program advisor to discuss scholarship opportunities. More information about scholarships, creating a study abroad budget, and other tools to afford study abroad can be found at Affording Study Abroad.

How to Apply to Non-UC Study Abroad

  1. Complete your Study Abroad Profile in SlugsAbroad and learn about the study abroad process and program types.
  2. Narrow Down Your List of Program Options
    • Review the NUCSA programs below and browse the courses each one offers to find a program that meets your academic, personal and professional goals. Meet with your college or departmental advisors if you have questions about academics.
    • In addition to completing the campus Non-UC Registration, you will apply directly to the program by their specific deadlines.
  3. Complete a Proposed Program Evaluation
    • To determine if coursework taken abroad is eligible for transfer credit, request pre-approval by submitting a Proposed Program Evaluation to the Office of Admissions. You do not need to be admitted into the program when you complete this step. Submitting it ahead of time will allow you to make an educated decision about which program will allow you to bring transfer credit to UCSC.
    • You are limited to no more than five courses for review from a single institution or program.
    • Start early – this process can take up to four to six weeks.
    • Include as much information as possible be sure to include the full name of the university or college that will be issuing you a transcript, the syllabi for the courses you plan to take and a link to the website.
    • Email if you would like support with this step.
  4. Apply Directly to your Non-UC Program
    • Apply online to your NUCSA Program.
    • List Emma May, Study Abroad Program Coordinator and Advisor as your main contact at UCSC.
  5. Complete a UCSC Study Abroad Registration Form
  6. Complete a UC Santa Cruz Leave of Absence (except summer)
    • Submit an online UC Santa Cruz Leave of Absence (LOA) for the quarter(s) you will be away from UC Santa Cruz on your NUCSA program.
    • The Leave of Absence must be completed by the campus deadline.
    • Students studying abroad during the summer term do NOT need to complete an LOA.
  7. Determine major/minor coursework
    • If the Office of Admissions approves your coursework for transfer credit on the Proposed Program Evaluation, meet with your major or minor advisors to discuss if any of the approved courses you take while you are abroad may satisfy major or minor requirements.
    • Approval is at the discretion of your major/minor departments.
  8. If you are selected for participation by your NUCSA program, you will need to meet their deadlines, complete their pre-departure requirements, and follow their participation instructions. Let UC Santa Cruz Study Abroad know once you’ve been accepted and if you decide to withdraw or are not accepted.
  9. Attend the UCSC Intercultural Communication Pre-Departure Orientation