Online Application Process

  1. Create an account at using your campus email address ( You will receive a confirmation email. The link provided in your confirmation email should simultaneously allow you to verify your identity, and begin the official application.
  2. Fill out all required information in the following application tabs: BASIC INFORMATION, ACADEMIC INFORMATION, STATISTICAL, ADDRESS, and EMERGENCY CONTACT. After clicking “save progress” at the bottom of the page, click on the next red tab at the top of the page to advance to the next category.
  3. Under the ACADEMIC INFORMATION tab, upload your resume, statement of purpose, unofficial transcript (transcripts obtained through your portal), and letter of recommendation. Your statement of purpose will serve as an example of your writing; no additional writing sample is required. If your letter writer would prefer to email your letter of recommendation, they can send it to Ashley Bayman at

Required Documents

  1. MOST RECENT UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT- you can obtain a copy of your most recent unofficial transcript in MyUCSC.
  2. RESUME- should be limited to one to two pages.
  3. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE- should be no more than two pages. It should: 1) Describe why you want to participate in UCDC 2) Describe the type of agency or organization with which you hope to intern, and the type of experience you hope to gain. 3) Explain how studying in the Washington program would enable you to further your academic, professional, and/or others goals and enhance your undergraduate experience. 4) Indicate your plans after graduation from UCSC. 5) Include anything else that might be relevant in reviewing your application.
  4. ONE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION- The letter should be from faculty, if possible. Transfer students may submit letters from faculty at previous institutions.  If you cannot acquire a letter from a faculty member, you may consider asking a TA or a previous employer. The letters will be confidential.  They should be addressed to the “Faculty Selection Committee, UCDC,” written on department letterhead (if from faculty or TA), signed and emailed directly by the recommender to Ashley Bayman, UCDC Coordinator, at

         Letter writers should be asked to:

  • Describe how your academic performance indicates your readiness for the UCDC program, and how UCDC fits into your larger academic plan and program.
  • Describe your skills, strengths, and emotional maturity, and indicate how you might fare in a demanding internship program. 

Remind your letter writer that your letter will be used at two stages: 1) as part of the application process for admission to the program, and 2) as part of your application to various internship opportunities once you are accepted to UCDC.

Your letter is due by the application deadline.