During the Washington program, all students pay UCSC registration fees to maintain their UCSC student status and earn 12-18 units for the quarter. Participants must be enrolled on a full-time basis (12 units) and must take two required courses (UCDC 194A/B).

Required Courses

  1. SEMINAR (UCDC 194A; 5 units; P/NP or Letter Grade)- All students are required to take one Seminar course, and there are typically 5-6 Seminars to choose from. Seminars are taught 1 day a week for 3 hours. This seminar features group meetings and tutorial sessions related to the student's internship placement. Each student completes a research paper, which is an essential component of the Washington program. For many students, it is the most extensive paper they will write as a college student. Yet it is also the paper for which they will have the most support and feedback through the faculty sponsor, teaching assistants, and internship supervisor. Students also have access to excellent research resources. Thus, our expectations are high. Click here for a list of past and current courses.
  2. INTERNSHIP (UCDC 194B; 7 units; P/NP only)- A wide variety of internships are available in ANY field! Students are responsible for finding their own internship, typically after selection into the UCDC program. Staff in Washington, D.C. will assist students in this process, providing guidance and internship leads.  Upon acceptance to UCDC, participants will gain access to the UCDC Internship Database, containing active internship listings by internship sites that routinely hire UCDC interns. For more information check out the UC Washington Internship Site:

Optional Course

In addition, each student may choose one upper-division elective course from a range of classes offered by faculty at UCDC. These elective classes are 4 units each, and are in several disciplines, including selections from the social and natural sciences, arts and humanities. If you do take an elective,  you are eligible for 2 additional independent studies units. Click here for elective course descriptions.