UCDC program administrators will help students find an internship placement in a Washington organization whose work is in the area the student wants to study. Students are expected to work three to four days a week in the placement. A list of typical placements might include the following areas of interest and organizations.

Organizations by Area of Interest 

Courtesy of UCSD’s Academic Internship Program

Business - Economics, Policy, Finance

Communication - Broadcast & Print Media, Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising

Culture - Art, Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Humanities

Government - Congress, Federal Agencies, Departments

International Affairs - Embassies, International Relations, Aid, Human Rights, International Business, Policy, Research

Law - Human Rights, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Legislation, Social Justice

Politics - Elections, Political Parties, Action Groups, Lobbying, Reform

Public Policy - Research, Strategy, Think Tanks

Sciences - Science, Health, Environment, and Technology

Social Justice - Education, Social Services, Non-Profits, Advocacy


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For more information visit the UC Washington Internship Site.