UCDC Remote Program

UCDC’s residential program has been suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year. In an effort to continue to provide students with a high-quality internship program, UCDC has gone to great lengths to create a high-quality remote program that students will find both interesting, and beneficial to their long and short term professional development goals. The remote program will include virtual internships, classes, and other activities to provide as much of the Washington experience as possible. See the exciting program features and benefits below.

Intern Remotely in the Nation’s Capital!

Intern remotely at any one of hundreds of organizations in any number of areas of interest. With UCDC’s vast network of employers in the DC area, doing a remote internship is a meaningful way to develop professionally. UCDC has partnerships with advocacy groups, federal agencies, law firms, media outlets, think tanks, and more. Staff will support you throughout the process of finding, interviewing, and securing your internship, which in this difficult time can be even more challenging on your own. Throughout your internship, you will be able to gain crucial skills that will be valuable as you progress toward your career goals. Through it all, UCDC staff will be available to guide and support you. Peruse the UCD online "Internship Book" to see where students have interned in the past or you can do your own search. Example internship organizations that have self-identified as having available remote internships can be found here.

Learn from Experts

Learn in small classes from amazing instructors who live and work in Washington DC. Your online course(s) will use tools such as Zoom and Canvas, and include combinations of guest speakers, experiential assignments, and small group learning, when appropriate, to create a balanced synchronous and asynchronous learning environment. Check out preliminary information about instructors and classes here.

Grow Professionally!

UCDC will host a series of professional development seminars to help you grow in your career and make the most of your internship. Topics include:

  • Working Remotely and Zoom Etiquette: Learn how to be best prepared to handle a remote workplace and best represent yourself in virtual meetings. 
  • Navigating Diversity in a Virtual Environment: Diversity doesn’t stop just because you’re online. Discover how to navigate the complexities and live your truth in a virtual environment. 
  • Social Branding Yourself: from LinkedIn to Virtual Networking: How can you best represent yourself online? 
  • What We Know & Where We’ll Grow: Identify your skills and competencies and learn how to showcase those skill sets to shine in your career. 
  • Ending Your Internship on a High Note: Your internship is almost over. Now what? We’ll share how to close out your internship and use this experience to further your future career. 

Network with Mentors and Peers!

Have the opportunity to network with and learn from UC alumni in DC!

Navigating the professional environment can be daunting, and we can help. UCDC will host alumni panels and allow you the opportunity to participate in a rotational mentorship program where you’ll be able to meet alumni who are ready to share their career journey and advice. Mentors can help you set and achieve goals, make connections with professionals, prepare you for interviews, and more.

Community won't just stop in the classroom or with your mentorship. UCDC is committed to building spaces to connect students with one another in ways to help process the experience together.

Hear from DC Professionals!

Lunch with and learn from activists, experts, and industry professionals. UCDC will be bringing to your devices a speaker series devoted to some of the most important issues of the day. Examples include:

  • Becoming an Active Citizen: From Protests to Advocacy
  • The Impact and Science of Covid-19
  • Social Justice & the Black Lives Matter Movement
  • Theatre & Arts: Cultural Impact and DC Advocacy
  • Election Polling: How the Calls are Made
  • Immigration Reform and the Status of DACA
  • Recapping the 2020 Election 


For more information visit the UCDC Remote Program website.