Moku Hanga: Printmaking in Tokyo Summer 2018


Join Professor Jimin Lee next summer to learn Japanese woodblock printmaking "Moku Hanga" known as the "Ukiyo-e technique" widely studied by artists today. While in the Western tradition, oil-based ink is applied with a roller and printed onto the papers surface, often with the help of a press, in the Japanese tradition water-based ink is applied with a brush and, while being printed by hand, is pressed deeply into the absorbent Japanese paper. This method deeply influenced some late 19th-century Post-Impressionist artists, such as Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec, Edgar Degas and Edouard Manet. 

At Tokyo National University of the Arts, students will be able to study the treasured historical skills and tools of Moku Hanga with greater understanding and appreciation. Classes will include field trips to local museums and galleries, hands-on workshops at a traditional paper mill (washi) in Tokyo, and interactions with local visiting artists, master printmakers and other Japanese students. Through various class activities, excursions, and cultural visits students will be exposed to diverse and multi-regional art practices that will broaden their perspectives and increase their understanding not only in the field of print media but in the larger contemporary visual culture. These classes will help stimulate and inspire our UCSC undergraduate art major students to prepare their artistic careers and expand their possibilities for study opportunities internationally.

For more details, view the Moku Hanga: Printmaking in Tokyo Info Session Prezi!


Course Offerings

Art 161B Relief/Mixed Media Printmaking (5 units) - required

Art 161B covers techniques, application of tools, materials, issues and concepts and a condensed history of the development of woodblock printmaking.

Art 199F Tutorial/Independent Study (2 units) - optional

In Art 199F, students will gain in-depth knowledge and working experience in the field of woodblock printmaking. This additional 2-unit course will enable them to complete their individual projects. Art 199 Tutorial was designed to enhance students' visual concepts and refine their technical skills based on their individual proposals. Students will finalize the scope of their projects with the instructor once they are accepted for this program. Students will work and conduct their research individually following suggestions and discussions with the instructor in weekly meetings. They will acquire in-depth information and working knowledge building toward further artistic development in the field of relief (woodblock) printmaking through their additional individual projects.

Program Schedule

2 Weeks at UCSC: TBA

3 Weeks at TUA: July 9 - July 26, 2018

This five-week program will be taught first at UCSC (for two weeks) and then at Tokyo National University of the Arts in Japan (for three weeks). Students will learn a wide range of both traditional and contemporary Eastern (water- based) and Western-style (oil-based) woodblock printmaking processes.

Note: All students are required to participate in all 5 weeks of the program.

Program Cost

$4,629 (5 units)/ $5,191 (7 units) Program Fees:
Includes 5-7 units of tuition, fees, accommodations, museum admissions

$2,200 Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses: 
Includes airfare, meals, transportation, pre-departure expenses, incidentals

Financial Aid will consider ALL of the above costs (Program Fees and Out-of-Pocket Expenses) when packaging Financial Aid. Students must enroll in a minimum 6 credits to be eligible for summer Financial Aid.
Out-of-pocket costs will vary by student.

Financial Aid Availability

You must take a minimum of 6 units during Summer Session to access Financial Aid. If you rely upon Financial Aid, you can enroll in both courses offered on this program. Check with Financial Aid to discuss your eligibility and receive an estimate. You can find contact information for Financial Aid on our Finances and Scholarships web page. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Good Academic and Disciplinary Standing at time of application and every quarter prior to departure
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher at time of application and every quarter prior to departure
  • Be at least 18 years old by the program start date
  • UCSC Art major students
  • Prerequisite(s): any one of these following courses 20C, 20F, 20G, 160B, 161B, 162A, 162B, 163A, 163B, 165, or 168; and any two non-print media lower-division studio courses (Art 15-20 or CMPM 25).

Application Requirements

Submit the following items electronically in your online application:

  • SlugsAbroad Application
  • Portfolio: Ten images in PowerPoint or PDF format.  Each image must have title, size and medium.
  • For the optional (2-unit) class Art 199F Tutorial/Independent Study: create a brief written proposal (about 100 - 200 words)
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Passport photocopy (must be valid through January 2019)
  • Faculty-Led Academic Planning Form