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UCSC Faculty-led is an academic program that aims to enhance students’ education by incorporating both traditional lectures with experiential learning outside of the classroom setting. Students will earn between 5 and 10 quarter units; therefore, students should expect a rigorous academic coursework that is enriched by both the program’s location(s) and activities. Auditing is not an option.

Students on UCSC Faculty-led programs earn regular UC Santa Cruz course credit which may be used to fulfill degree, major, minor, General Education (GE) requirements. UC Santa Cruz students can use UCSC Faculty-led Abroad courses to fulfill their academic requirements as listed in the General Catalog. Students from other campuses should consult with the academic advisors from their home campuses to determine whether courses taken on our programs may be used to fulfill their specific academic requirements.


Anthropology (ANTH) 161S and 130S PDF


ANTH 161S Anthropology of Food- 5 units

This course critically examines food as a fundamental aspect of social and cultural life and key concept in the development of anthropological theory and methods. Topics include: power relationships; community building; exchange and reciprocity; symbolism; cultural rules and rituals; globalization; and memory.

ANTH 130S Ethnography of Russia and Eastern Europe- 5 units

This course introduces the ethnography of Russia and Eastern Europe, with special attention to lived experience and legacy of state socialism. Topics include: effects of socialism, changing economic practices; constructions of new identities; modernization/development; belief systems; and memory and history.

By taking a topical course and a regional course simultaneously, and by pursuing a field-based independent research project that connects these two courses, students will learn how anthropological methods, ethnographic materials, and theories relate to one another. Students will also satisfy two upper-division courses that count toward the requirements for the UCSC anthropology major and minor and satisfy two GenEd requirements: ANTH 130S- Cross Cultural Analysis (CC); ANTH 161S- Perspectives: Human Behavior (PE-H).

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Good Academic and Disciplinary Standing at the time of application and every quarter prior to departure
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher at the time of application and every quarter prior to departure
  • Be at least 18 years old by the program start date
  • Sophomore, junior, or senior class standing by the time of departure

Personal Statement

Write a 1-page statement that introduces you and describes your interests in participating in this program and how this program will fit into your academic plans. Please also include a description of any relevant anthropology, history, or other classes you have taken, as well as something that intrigues you about Berlin and that you want to explore during your time in Berlin. 

All applications will be processed first-come, first-served. Students are encouraged to apply early due to limited capacity.


There are no prerequisites for this program beyond the general eligibility criteria.