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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Summer Financial Aid and scholarships available for current UC Santa Cruz students who enroll in a UCSC Faculty-Led Summer Study Abroad Program.

Financial Aid

Students who receive gift aid (grant) during the academic year may be eligible for up to 50% grant eligibility to meet their summer study abroad costs, including unique UCSC faculty led opportunities! For information about your aid opportunities in the summer, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

You must enroll in a minimum of 6 units during Summer Session to be eligible to receive Financial Aid. More information about minimum unit enrollments for financial aid eligibility can be found on the UCSC Summer Session web page. We recommend you discuss your eligibility and request an estimate from the UCSC Financial Aid Office before you apply. You can find the contact information for Financial Aid on our Get a Financial Aid Estimate web page.


For summer 2020, scholarships of up to $2000 from the UCSC Top it Off Fund will be awarded to students with the greatest financial need as determined by the UCSC Financial Aid & Scholarship Office. No scholarship application is required, but you must be accepted into a UCSC Summer 2020 Faculty-Led program in order to be considered for the scholarship. Recipients will be notified of their scholarship status between March 7 and March 14, 2020.
Starting February 15th, accepted students are liable for the $200 Application Fee, which is billed to your UCSC account after you apply. If you withdraw from the program between February 15th and March 14th your only expense is the $200 application fee. If you withdraw after March 14th, you become 100% liable for the program cost. If you are awarded the scholarship for your Summer 2020 UCSC Faculty-Led program, but withdraw from your program, your scholarship will be rescinded.

There are many more scholarships for study abroad. Learn more at Scholarships.

Rick Hooper Scholarship - UCSC Social Sciences
This $2500 award is intended to fund travel expenses for the selected undergraduate student or students for any of the following purposes:
  • increasing understanding of the Arabic language or the Arabic-speaking or Muslim world
  • study at a college or university in an Arabic-speaking or Muslim majority country
  • an internship in peace and conflict resolution or human rights
  • study or work in Palestinian human rights issues 
Application Deadline: February 1st 
Application Instructions can be found here

Program Fees

Program fees are subject to change and do not include airfare and other expenses; see "Fee Notes" and expenses table below.

UCSC Student  Non-UCSC Student
Study Abroad Program Cost
(includes non-refundable Application Fee*)
$6044 $6044
Course Fee
UCSC: $TBD/unit xTBD units + $283 Campus Fee;
Non-UCSC: $TBD/unit xTBD units + $50 summer registration + $283 Campus Fee
$3073 $3123
Total Fees Charged to Students
See "Fee Notes" section below for more information.
Fees paid directly to UC Santa Cruz
$9117 $9167
*Students who submit an application on SlugsAbroad are liable for the $200 Application Fee (billed to your UCSC account) beginning February 15. Withdraw before February 15 to avoid this fee.

Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Estimates are provided for financial aid and planning purposes; actual expenses vary.

UCSC Student  Non-UCSC Student
Roundtrip Airfare (estimated from SFO) ~$2150 ~$2150
Meals (not provided by program) ~$300 ~$300
Other program-related expenses
(i.e., passport, visa, entry fees, course books)
~$355 ~$355
Total Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Estimated expenses as incurred by student
~$2805 ~$2805

Estimated Total Cost

Does not include personal side trips, gifts, entertainment expenses, etc.

Total estimated cost by campus affiliation
Costs per student UCSC Student  Non-UCSC Student
Total fees $9117 $9167
Total out-of-pocket expenses ~$2805 ~$2805
Total fees + estimated expenses ~$11,922 ~$11,972

Fee Notes

UC Santa Cruz Fee and Campus Fee posted here are estimates based on currently approved amounts. These figures may not be final. Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California and could be affected by State funding reductions. Accordingly, final approved levels (and thus a student's final balance due) may differ from the amounts shown. Campus policy dictates that study abroad and other off-campus programs are not exempt from the UC Santa Cruz Summer Campus Fee, which covers services/initiatives including college and campus-wide student government, extracurricular programs and recreation facilities, campus child care, community and public service projects, Educational Opportunity Programs and scholarships, and free fair use of the local transit systems.

Program Fees Include

  • GeoBlue Health Insurance
  • Accommodations: Homestay in Rabat, and hotels or riads for excursions
  • Transportation: Taxi to and from airport upon arrival, coach buses for excursions, domestic flight for one excursion.
  • Food: Includes 21 meals per week at homestay
  • Activities: Excursions and entrance fees
  • Facilities: Use of IES Center facilities
  • Health Insurance: Provided by GeoBlue

Expenses Not Covered by Program Fees

  • Estimated personal expenses not outlined in the table above
  • Personal travel during and outside of program dates
  • Entertainment expenses including additional meals, shopping, souvenirs, and other personal purchases
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for medical and other emergencies
  • Uncovered medical expenses for special needs

Visit Financial Terms and Conditions for information about financial aid, payment, and cancellation policies.

Budget Worksheets

Access budget worksheet that detail estimated out-of-pocket expenses below: