UCSC Faculty-Led Programs

UC Santa Cruz Faculty-Led Summer Study Abroad programs offer students an international experience with UC Santa Cruz faculty. These programs encompass UC Santa Cruz courses taught abroad, with excursions and cultural activities enhanced by the location. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Class sizes are small — 12-25 students — allowing for an intimate learning experience.

UCSC Faculty-led programs are open to UC and Non-UC students.

How to apply

    Art in the Global Context–Czech Republic

  • Czech ReplubicIn this immersive studio art class, students explore contemporary and historical sites on an excursion to Prague and Berlin, and then create site-responsive sculptures, drawings, performances and installations at ArtMill’s Center for Sustainability, in the Bohemian countryside, Czech Republic.

  • The Space-Aged Solar System

  • Hong Kong HarborThis program will provide an overview of past, present, and future space missions, with an emphasis on key players in the US (NASA), Europe (ESA), and China (CNSA). Students will learn about the origins of the space program and its impact on our knowledge about our Solar System and beyond.

  • Italian Language and Culture on the Amalfi Coast

  • Almafi Coast, ItalyLearn Italian while exploring the beautiful town of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. The program will be hosted by Sant'Anna Institute, where you will take Italian language and culture courses, learn about food production in Italy, and discover how the locals live through cultural excursions, cooking courses and tastings, and a full immersion experience.

  • Food Study Field Study in Berlin

  • GermanyThe Food Study Field Study in Berlin will bring food, European history and politics, and the study of state socialism/postsocialism together by offering students two courses – Anthropology of Food and Ethnography of Russia and Eastern Europe. By integrating these two courses, students will receive rigorous training in the key theoretical debates and ethnographic studies in both the anthropology of food and the anthropology of state socialism/postsocialism, as well as hands-on experience with ethnographic research methods.

  • Moroccan Cinema, Culture and Arabic Language

  • moroccoThis program will allow students to develop their knowledge of Moroccan cinema, arts, literature, and culture while also learning Arabic. Students will spend five weeks living with a Moroccan family in Morocco's beautiful capital, Rabat, and will also make field trips to other locations. The combination of classroom teaching, travel, and activities will allow students a deep immersion in Moroccan cinema, culture, and language.s.

  • Relief Printmaking in Korea

  • KoreaThrough class activities, interactions with locals, and visits to ancient sites, students on this program will learn the techniques, tools, concepts and a condensed history of the development of Korean woodblock printmaking. After exploring the early history of Korean printing methods through a five-day excursion to UNESCO world heritage sites across the country, students will learn traditional and contemporary woodblock printmaking at Seoul National University’s College of Fine Arts.

How to Apply to UCSC Faculty-Led Programs

  1. Complete your Study Abroad Profile in SlugsAbroad
  2. Check the Limited Capacity list to confirm that your program is still open
  3. Submit the application in SlugsAbroad by the deadline
  4. Applications are processed on a rolling admissions basis