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Eligibility Questions:

Q: Do I need to know a foreign language in order to study abroad?
A: No.  Many UCEAP countries have program options that do not require prior language study and allow students to take courses at English-speaking universities in locations where English is not the local language.  You can find a list of these options on the UCEAP website.  There are also many UCEAP programs that have minimal language prerequisites, allowing you to improve your language skills while abroad.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements?
A: The eligibility requirements vary for each UCEAP program, but at a minimum include a GPA and class level requirement.   To view the eligibility requirements for a specific program or search for programs based on certain eligibility criteria, visit the UCEAP website.

Q: Is there a minimum GPA requirement?
A: All EAP programs have a minimum cumulative GPA requirement and some may also have a language GPA requirement.  Students must meet the GPA requirement at the time of application and maintain that GPA every quarter prior to departure. To determine the GPA requirement(s) for a specific UCEAP program, visit the program page on the UCEAP website.  

Q: Are there any course requirements?
A: Some EAP programs have a course requirement that students must meet either at the time of application or by the time of departure.  To determine if your program has a course requirement, visit the program page on the UCEAP website.

Q: Can I participate on more than one UCEAP program?
A: Yes, students can study abroad on UCEAP more than once as long as program dates do not conflict.  Students should also speak with their campus academic and financial aid advisors to confirm there are no financial or academic restrictions to participating on more than one program.

Q: Can I go for a full year? A quarter? A semester? Or only a summer?
A: As a UCSC student you can pursue your academic studies abroad for a summer, quarter, semester or year with UCEAP.  To make the most of this rewarding opportunity and ensure you stay on track for graduation, you should plan carefully.  

Q: Can I go as a Freshman? Sophomore? Junior? Senior?  
A: All EAP programs have a class level requirement that must be met by the time of departure.  There are programs for students with sophomore, junior and senior class standing, but no programs for freshmen.  

Q: Can I apply for more than one UCEAP program at a time?
A: No, you can only apply to one program during a given time period (i.e. fall term or spring term program).  Students may apply for back to back programs as long as the dates do not overlap and there are no visa restrictions.  If you are interested in applying to back to back programs, please consult the UCSC Study Abroad advisor for your second program before you apply.

Q: I’m a transfer student.  Can I still go abroad?
A: Absolutely! We send many transfer students abroad every year.  As a transfer student, you may have a tighter schedule and more to consider when planning to study abroad, so we encourage you plan early and carefully to ensure study abroad can fit into your academic plan.    

Q: How do I find my language GPA?
A: To find your language GPA, you can use the UCSC GPA Calculator.  To calculate your language GPA, refer to your UCSC transcript in order to indicate your total completed units and all individual language course grades.

Q: Is there any flexibility with the GPA requirements?
A: GPA requirements are set by an agreement with the host institution and are not flexible.  If you do not meet the GPA requirement(s) at the time of application, please meet with your UCSC Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your options, including alternative programs and terms.

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Application Questions:

Q: How do I apply?
A: Follow the directions listed on our website.

Q: When is my UCEAP application due?
A: UCEAP applications are due to the UCSC International Education Office on a rolling basis within an application filing period.  To determine the application open and close dates for an UCEAP program and to find information on how to submit your application, visit the How & When to Apply to UCEAP section of the UCSC Study Abroad website.  

Q: How do I submit my UCEAP application?
A: UCEAP applications must be submitted in person to the International Education Office (IEO) during regular office hours.

Q: Where do I get an UCEAP application?
A: UCEAP Applications are online.  Click HERE to create your MyEAP account and access your application checklist.   

Q: What materials do I need to submit with my application?
A: An application checklist specific to your program will be generated detailing what materials you need to submit on your MyEAP portal.  The application includes an online component, transcript and Academic Planning Form, among other items.

Q: When should I start planning for UCEAP and start an application?
A: Begin planning for study abroad as early as possible.  Many UCEAP programs have specific language and/or other academic prerequisites.  Students should also consider how study abroad will fit into their UCSC academic plan and determine which of their elective and major/minor requirements they may be able to complete abroad.  Finding a program that fits your needs and completing the application takes time.  The application deadlines for some programs are almost an entire year before departure and priority is given to early applications, so start planning now.  Visit the Academic Planning and How to Apply sections of our website to help you get started.

Q: Do I need to have a passport at the time of application?
A: Yes.  A copy of a valid passport is required for all EAP programs and only complete applications will be accepted.  However, if you do not currently have a valid passport, we will accept a copy of a receipt proving that you are in the process of renewal or applying for a passport.  If you will not be able to provide a copy of your valid passport or a receipt at the time of application, contact your UCSC Study Abroad Advisor.  You can apply for, or renew, a US Passport at

Q: When am I charged the UCSC UCEAP Application Fee?
A: The non-refundable UCSC UCEAP Application Fee will appear on your UCSC bill within three months of submitting your UCEAP Application to the International Education Office and must be paid within 60 days.  If the fee is unpaid after 60 days, a $12.50/month late fee will be assessed and there will be a hold on your future UCSC enrollments.  

Q: If I apply to more than one program, will I be charged the application fee twice?
A: The application fee is one-time only, meaning you can apply to and participate on multiple UCEAP programs as a UCSC student, but will only be charged the application fee one time.

Q: Can I talk to a returnee?
A: Yes!  Contact your UCSC Study Abroad advisor to request the contact information for a fellow UCSC student who has recently returned from or is currently abroad on your UCEAP program.

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Selection Questions: 

Q: When will I know if I’ve been accepted?
A: Students will be notified of their status no later than two weeks after the end of the application filing period or earlier.

Q: Is it competitive to get into my program?
A: Most UCEAP applicants who meet the minimum requirements are accepted.  However, there are some programs that have limited capacity.  To see if your program is impacted, review our Limited Capacity program list.  UCSC Study Abroad accepts applications on a first come first served basis, so if your program is on the list of “limited capacity” programs we encourage you to submit your application early in the filing period to secure your spot.  If a program has reached capacity, we will re-redirect unsuccessful applicants to other suitable programs.

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Travel Questions:

Q: Can I extend my participation once abroad?
A: Maybe.  Some programs will allow you to extend your participation while others will not.  If your program allows extensions, you will have the option to complete a Departmental Preliminary Approval to Extend Form with your application and you will be informed about extension deadlines at your on-site orientation.

Q: Will UCEAP buy my plane ticket for me?
A: You are responsible for making and paying for your own travel arrangements, even if you are on financial aid. The Financial Aid Office, UCEAP, and UCSC Study Abroad are not responsible for booking and purchasing airfare. You are strongly encouraged to purchase changeable airline tickets and confirm your flight schedule prior to departure. 

Q: Do I need to purchase my airfare before I receive my financial aid?
A: Yes.  Although an estimated cost for airfare is factored into your financial aid award, you will need to book your flight well before you are packaged for your financial aid and you should prepare for this expense.  STA offers you the chance to book now and pay later.  You can make a $300 nonrefundable deposit on your airfare and pay the balance up to seven (7) days before departure.  For more information please see STA's website. Ready to get started on purchasing a ticket?  Be sure to check your UCEAP program calendar for your arrival date. 

Q: What is a visa and will I need one?
A: A visa is an authorization for you to enter a country of which you are not a citizen.  All students will need a visa or another type of entry authorization to study on their program.  Instructions will be provided on the UCEAP Pre-Departure Checklist.

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Academic Questions:

Q: Will my courses, units, and grades transfer back to UCSC?
A: Yes, you will receive UCSC grades, and units for all classes taken while on EAP - they are not transfer credit but instead will be added to your transcript as UC courses and grades you earn will be factored into your cumulative GPA.  Please note that it can take up to three months for grades and courses to appear on your UCSC transcript. For more information regarding your UCEAP courses and grades, please see Academic Planning Page. 

Q: How do I have my courses count toward my major?
A: Although all of your UCEAP courses, grades and units will be added to your UC transcript, it is up to your department advisor which of those courses will satisfy requirements in your major.  For more information regarding satisfying degree requirements,  please see Academic Planning Page.

Q: Can I have my courses from abroad satisfy GE requirements? 
A: It may be possible to use UCEAP courses to satisfy GE requirements.  For a course to count as a GE, it must be evaluated by the UCSC Office of Admissions. Note that the DC requirement must be taken at UCSC.  For more information and instructions on how to apply for pre-approval, please see the Academic Planning Page.

Q: How do I find course descriptions of classes I might take abroad?
A: UCEAP has a catalog of course descriptions taken by UC students over the past five years.  It is not an exhaustive list of possibilities, but will give you an idea of what students have taken in the past.  You should also look on the “Courses & Credit” tab for your UCEAP Program for additional links to study centers and host universities for more course information. 

Q: If I study abroad, will I be able to graduate on time?
A: A: Yes!  Most students continue to progress toward their degree while studying abroad.  As you plan your study abroad experience, you will meet with academic advisors in your major(s), minor(s) and your college to discuss how the courses you plan to take abroad will help you meet your degree requirements.  Some students are even able to participate on multiple UCEAP programs.  However, if you plan to spend your final term abroad, you will need to delay your graduation at least one quarter after your program end date while you wait for your grades from abroad to be added to your UCSC transcript.  Although you do not need to return to campus to take courses, assuming you have completed all of your requirements, you WILL need to delay your graduation. For more information about this process and what you will need to do, please see the Academic Planning section of our website. 

Q: Can I study abroad if I am majoring in the sciences or engineering?
A: Yes!  Students in all majors have access to excellent courses abroad.  Lab work and field research programs provide unique opportunities to STEM students abroad. 

Q: How many units do I take while abroad?
A: You MUST take the equivalent of a full course load while abroad on UCEAP even if you are a graduating senior.  The minimum number of units range from 14 to 16 UC units per quarter program and 21-25 UC quarter units per semester program.  Refer to the UCEAP website to determine your program’s minimum unit requirement. 

Q: Do I have to study in my major abroad?
A: Although most students focus on their major(s) or minor(s) while abroad, it is not a requirement.  Study abroad offers unique opportunities to expand your academic scope and abilities, including language acquisition, service learning, volunteer work or even internships for academic credit.   

Q: Do I need to take a Leave of Absence?
A: No.  If you are participating on UCEAP, you do not need to take a Leave of Absence.  UCSC Study Abroad will notify the Office of the Registrar when and where you will be abroad to ensure your student status reflects your UCEAP participation and you are provided with an enrollment appointment for your return to campus.

Q: Can I graduate at the end of my program?
A: While it IS possible to spend your final term at UCSC abroad, you cannot graduate until at least one quarter after your program end date.  Your grades from abroad must first be added to your UCSC transcript before you can apply to graduate, which can take up to one quarter after program ends.  Although you do not need to return to campus to take courses, assuming you have completed all of your requirements, you WILL need to delay your graduation.  If you plan to spend your final term abroad, the International Education Office will provide you with the necessary steps and information after you have been selected to your UCEAP program.  For more information about this process and what you will need to do, please see the Academic Planning section of our website. 

Q: What if I decide to withdraw?
A: In the event that you need to withdraw prior to your program start date due to personal, academic, or financial reasons, we encourage you to meet with your UCSC Study Abroad advisor.  Every program has a date by which you can withdraw without financial penalty, which can be found in your MyEAP account.  For more information about withdrawing from your program, please visit the Pre-Departure information on our website.  If you decide to withdraw while abroad on your UCEAP program, consult with your study center or other onsite staff to start the withdrawal process.

Q: Do I need to ask my host university to send UCSC my transcripts?
A: No.  As a UCEAP participant, you will not be issued a transcript from your host university. UCEAP will transmit your courses, grades, and units from abroad to UCSC and they will be added to your UCSC transcript.  For information regarding your UCEAP Courses & Grades, please visit the Academic Planning section of our website. 

Q: Should I bring back my UCEAP course materials and syllabi?
A: You are encouraged to save all of your course materials and syllabi from abroad.  It may be helpful to have these documents if you petition to have your UCEAP coursework satisfy major, minor or GE credit upon your return.   

Q: How do I enroll in UCEAP courses?  When do I enroll?
A: When you enroll in courses abroad depends on your program.  In some cases, you will be notified to enroll online prior to your program official start date and in other cases you will not enroll until after you arrive.  All students will also complete a UC enrollment through MyEAP after your program begins by the instruction of your study center abroad. 

Q: How do I enroll in UCSC courses for the quarter I return?
A: You will enroll online just as you would if you were still at UCSC.  Be sure to check your UCSC Student Portal for your enrollment appointment while you are abroad and enroll in your courses as soon as your appointment starts.  Don’t forget that you will be a different time zone!  For more information, visit the Currently Abroad section of our website.

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Financial Questions:

Q: How much does it cost to go on UCEAP?
A: Costs vary by program and location.  Some places have a much higher cost of living than others.  To find out estimated costs, please visit the “Cost” tab of your specific UCEAP program

Q: Can I use my financial aid?
A: Yes.  UCEAP students are eligible for full financial aid.  Students that wish to receive financial aid should submit their FAFSA by the government’s deadline in March.  The UCSC Financial Aid Office will package or readjust your award based on the specific budget for your UCEAP program.  For more information about how financial aid works with UCEAP and to learn about scholarship options, please visit the Finances and Scholarships section of our website or attend a Financing Study Abroad Workshop. 

Q: How will my financial aid be adjusted for my UCEAP Program?
A: The UCSC Financial Aid office will package you according to the cost of your program as opposed to the cost to attend UCSC.  If the UCEAP budget is higher than the budget for UCSC, then you will be offered either a combination of loans and/or grants to meet the cost of your UCEAP program.  If your UCEAP budget is less than that of UCSC then your aid will be reduced to meet the cost of your UCEAP program.  If you have questions about how your aid will be adjusted, please meet with a Financial Aid Advisor via email or drop-in hours (Tuesday & Wednesdays 1:00-4:00PM at 205 Hahn):

Q: How does the Financial Aid Office know that I will be an UCEAP student?  Is there a question to identify myself as an UCEAP student on the FAFSA form?
A: UCSC Study Abroad will provide the UCSC Financial Aid Office with a list of EAP participants.  There is no question on the FAFSA that will ask about your EAP status. For more information about how financial aid works with UCEAP, attend a Financing Study Abroad Workshop. 

Q: How do I find out about scholarships?
A: Visit the Finances and Scholarship section of our website for a list of scholarships.  For more information about how financial aid works with UCEAP and how to apply for scholarships, attend a Financing Study Abroad Workshop.

Q: How much financial aid will I get?
A: The Financial Aid Office will package or readjust your award based on the specific budget for your UCEAP program.  To request an estimate of how much financial aid your can expect to receive, we encourage you to speak with a UCSC Financial Aid advisor via email or drop-in hours (Tuesday & Wednesdays 1:00-4:00PM at 205 Hahn):

Q: What happens with my financial aid if I extend my participation abroad?
A: UCSC Study Abroad will notify the UCSC Financial Aid Office of your program extension and your financial aid package will be revised.

Q: When and how do I receive financial aid disbursements?
A: Financial Aid disbursements generally occur ten days prior to the official start date of your program.  Review your UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad for a Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule.  In order to receive a disbursement, we recommend you complete an UCEAP ERefund (Direct Deposit) form on your MyEAP account. You must complete this form even if you are registered for an Electronic Funds Transfer at UCSC.  For more information about how financial aid works with UCEAP, attend a Financing Study Abroad Workshop

Q: How do I make payments to UCEAP?
A: You will make payments in your MyEAP account.  Please refer to the UCEAP Student Budget and Payment Vouchers on the “Money Matters” tab  in your UCEAP Pre-Departure Checklist for payment amounts and deadlines. If you receive financial aid, your UCEAP fees will be deducted from your financial aid and you will be responsible for any remaining balances.  If you receive more financial aid than your UCEAP fees, then you should expect to receive a financial aid disbursement.  Your registration fees will not appear on your UCSC statement. For more information about how financial aid works with EAP and how to make UCEAP payments, attend a Financing Study Abroad Workshop.

Q: Who is my finance contact at UCEAP?
A: Visit the UCEAP website or the "UCEAP Network" section of your UCEAP Program Guide to find your UCEAP Finance Accountant.

Q: Can I use my work-study abroad while on UCEAP?
A: No, students can not use their work-study while abroad.  Work-study funds will automatically be converted into either a student or parent loan for the term(s) you are abroad. 

Q: What if I don’t receive enough financial aid to cover my UCEAP costs?
A: First, speak with your UCSC Financial Aid advisor to determine if there is any additional financial assistance that may be available to you.  Look into scholarships and other funding sources for your program.  Speak with your UCSC Study Abroad advisor about studying abroad on UCEAP during a different term or on a different program that is more affordable. If you are thinking about withdrawing from your program, contact your UCSC Study Abroad advisor.

Q: Can I receive financial aid for a summer UCEAP program?
A: Yes.  However, summer aid for UCEAP is limited to residual Pell Grant, Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans from the academic year or additional Direct Parent PLUS Loan/private loans.

Q: Should I continue to use my U.S. bank account or open one abroad?
A: This varies by country and by program.  Be sure to read your EAP Program Guide for more information or request to speak to an UCEAP returnee about their experiences handling money abroad.  Email your UCSC Study Abroad Advisor to connect with a returnee.            

Q: Do I need a Power of Attorney while abroad?
A: Power of Attorney is not required but encouraged.  However, it may be useful depending on the management of your finances while abroad as it gives a relative or other responsible party the authority to conduct financial transactions on your behalf while you are abroad, including:

  • Make deposits and/or withdrawals in your account
  • Write, endorse or sign your checks
  • Receive and review your UCEAP account statements

We encourage you to discuss Power of Attorney with your parents or whoever manages your finances to determine if you need to complete one before departure.

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Returnee Questions:

Q: I’m a returnee, now what?
A: Now that you have returned to UCSC from abroad, we encourage you stay involved, connect with the international community at UCSC, share your study abroad story, and even consider joining our team as a Peer Advisor.  As a returnee, it is important that you “pay it forward” by sharing your stories and advice with your fellow students who are preparing to study abroad on your UCEAP program at a Pre-Departure Orientation. Check out our UCEAP Returnees and Workshops pages for more information. 

Q: How can I stay up to date on events and other study abroad information?
A: “Like” our UCSC Study Abroad Facebook page to stay up to date on events, workshops, study abroad advice and reminders.  Also, visit Workshops for all of our upcoming International Education Office activities. 

Q: How can I stay connected to the international community at UCSC?
A: UCSC hosts hundreds of international students every year and there are many ways to connect with this community.  If you are returning to campus after your EAP program, consider attending one of our many events each quarter, joining the International Mentorship Program, or joining the Global Slugs Club. For information about all of these and more, visit our UCEAP Returnees and Workshops pages.

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