As you research your options for study abroad, work on the application process, or support someone else with their study abroad plans, the Study Abroad team hopes that the resources below will provide you with valuable guidance and answer some of your important questions.

Finances & Scholarships

If you are eligible for financial aid (grants, loans, scholarships) for a given term at UCSC, typically your aid can be applied to study abroad, and your award may be adjusted according to the cost of the program. There are also many scholarships that are available for study abroad, including ones that are specific for participants to UCEAP. 

Health & Safety Abroad

The best way to achieve a healthy and safe study abroad experience is to inform yourself about basic health and safety issues before leaving the U.S., and to make informed, responsible and reasonable decisions once abroad.

Diversity Abroad

Studying Abroad can be an indispensable educational, professional, and personal experience, and UCSC Study Abroad encourages students from varying intersectional identities to participate.  It can also be a valuable opportunity for students to explore how people of varying or similar cultures, identities, interact.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the link above is a full list of common study abroad question we receive from students, parents, and advisors! Please search for your questions (please do not hesitate to contact us if you like to talk to us in person or if you cannot find the answer to your questions).

Teaching While Abroad

Interested in teaching English abroad after graduation from UCSC? Here is some information and resources on how to get started on an international experience to jump-start your career. Post-graduation may be the best time for you to take advantage an opportunity to live abroad.

Post-Graduate Study/Research Abroad

There are countless opportunities to conduct research and study at the graduate level abroad. Below are some reputable programs in the field. When doing your own research for other opportunities, a good place to start is the Consulate/Embassy website of the country you are interested in. Some of the best programs are offered through foreign government ministries.