Chris Rowe- Taiwan

Students, look no further! The following webpages will help you navigate the start-to-finish process for studying abroad. Going overseas for an educational, research, or internship experience is an exciting and life-changing endeavor, and we congratulate you on your curiosity to see the world.

First Steps

  • Get started on how to study abroad!


  • Sign-up for events, presentations, & workshops
  • See who to contact for your questions

Academic Planning

  • Start your academic plan
  • Learn how to study abroad within your major

Finances and Scholarships

  • Learn about scholarship opportunities
  • See how financial aid works on study abroad
Health & Safety
  • Learn about the required health clearance process
  • See how health insurance works

Diversity Abroad

  • Utilize resources designed for inclusion and diversity  
  • Consider ways to approach and engage in study abroad
  • Read articles addressing themes within diversity abroad


  • Get quick answers to your questions

Connect with a Returnee

  • Read about other students’ experiences abroad
  • Talk with a former study abroad participant